Alcohol and the family essay

Poor spousal communication Reduced intimacy and sexual desire Increased marital abuse Depleting finances spent on alcohol Often the spouse and children become codependent, as one of the effects of alcoholism in families. And fewer children of alcoholics go to college compared to the national average.

Codependents make the problem worse by permitting the drinking to continue. Often treatment is not entirely successful for family members, even when the alcohol abuser or addict eventually reforms.

It is considered an addictive illness in the medical field, with the person suffering from it referred to as an alcoholic. Healthcare professionals may recommend a multi-faceted treatment approach that includes group family therapy, as well as individualized treatment for each family member Treatment may take the form of one or more of the following: Children of Parents who Drink Unborn Babies: Slowly, close family ties are broken and in comes quarrels, tempers and both verbal and physical abuse.

Effects of Alcoholism on Families

More attention and resources should be directed towards finding and solving the causal factors and treatment of the early stage alcoholics. Once they get older, children may not easily make friends. This condition is called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome FAS and these children grow up with facial abnormalities, growth retardation and brain damage that inhibits their ability to live normal lives.

Women who drink during pregnancy pass the drug to their unborn children each time they consume alcohol.

Treating alcoholic families is difficult and complex. This will prevent the unnecessary suffering in our families; lead to better productivity at personal level and prosperity for the global society as a whole.

With the lost time also goes money that could have been put to better use. It is experienced in both wealthy and poor families.

There are also the jovial alcoholics, who laugh a lot, pay more attention to entertainment and jokes even when seriousness is required, causing emotional distress to people around them.

In America alone, approximately Lives have been lost due to alcoholism. Effects of Alcoholism on Families The effects of alcoholism on families can cause more damage and pain than any other internal or external influence on the family unit. Divorce rates among couples where one or both partners drinks is much higher than average.

Privacy Guaranteed Spouse or Partner Alcoholism has a transforming effect on the spouse or partner that can create significant mental trauma and physical health problems. As alcohol abuse or addiction progresses, the non-drinking spouse often grows into a compulsive care-taking role, which creates feelings of resentment, self-pity and exhaustion.

WHO research conducted in showed that about 2. Adult children of alcoholics continue having a negative self-image, which causes them to make poor choices and accumulate failures in their work, social and family lives.

It is associated with child neglect and abuse, and violence in the family. Therefore, alcoholism being a global problem causing harm beyond psychological and physical health of the drinker and their family requires a global approach to solve.

They experience difficulties trusting others and have relationship issues. Through the effects of alcoholism on families, children often feel they are different that other people and develop a poor self-image that they carry throughout life.

Depression is common, as is anxiety, aggression and impulsive behavior.

The Effects of Alcoholism and Family Relationships

Treatment of alcoholics involves lots of time and resources and is a huge socio-economic burden to family and friends. The effects of alcoholism in families are difficult to overcome; yet without treatment, they can be devastating for the long-term. With the right approach and support, positive steps can be taken to improve lives.

Maternal drinking causes babies to be born with irreversible physical and mental birth defects.

Effects of Alcoholism on Families … Is there Help? They may hoard things, develop phobias or exhibit perfectionist traits. Once children become adults, the effects of alcoholism on families continue to impact their lives.

From its onset, family relations start taking a negative turn. For the advanced stage alcoholics, there are several other treatment options including counseling, rehabs, support groups, medication and even relapse-prevention programs.“Alcoholism is a progressive disease that impairs the psychological, emotional, and physical health of both the alcoholic and his or her family” (Alcoholism Sourcebook).

The actual fact that “alcohol is a disease” is a quite controversial subject and can be argued however, alcohol is proven to be a disease. Alcohol and the Family Essay Words | 7 Pages Alcohol and the Family In the United States alone, there are 28 million children of alcoholics - seven million of.

The Effects of Alcoholism and Family Relationships. Alcoholism has been defined by Wikipedia as compulsive, uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages to the extent of causing problems to the drinker’s health, personal relationships and even social circles.

Alcohol and Family Violence Danielle L Alberty University Of Phoenix Alcohol and family Violence has been an issues with families for many years, these are two demons that some just can’t break, families have been experiencing the traumatic of one’s physical uncontrollable actions.

Effects of Alcoholism on Families The effects of alcoholism on families can cause more damage and pain than any other internal or external influence on the family unit.

The impact of the drinker’s abuse or addiction is usually manifested differently with each member of the family and has long-term implications.

Alcohol affects each member of the family – from the unborn child to the alcoholic’s spouse. Its far-reaching affects result in not only physical problems for the alcoholics, but also may result in physical and psychological problems for other members of the family.

Alcohol and the family essay
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