An analysis of reign of king louis philippine of france

Charles X of France

Despite many victories, Louis gave up part of his territorial acquisitions when he signed the Treaty of Rijswijkfor which the public judged him harshly. Charles, by now in his 67th year, succeeded him to the throne as King Charles X of France.

Charles was interred in the Church of the Annunciation of Our Lady, in the Franciscan Kostanjevica Monastery now in Nova GoricaSloveniawhere his remains lie in a crypt with those of his family. Louis Philippe again commanded a division.

For about a year, he stayed in Muonioa remote village in the valley of the Tornio river in Lapland. His Catholicism and the opposition of her mother Queen Charlotte meant the Princess reluctantly declined the offer.

Louis Philippe travelled extensively. The army, however, refused to follow them, and on April 5,they deserted.

Obedience ceases to be a duty! He was buried at St.


Thus began the decline. The king had openly renounced pleasure, but the sacrifice was made easier for him by his new favourite, the very pious Mme de Maintenon.

Paris rose against him on Feb. The following day, 2 August, King Charles X abdicated, bypassing his son the Dauphin in favor of his grandson Henry, Duke of Bordeaux, who was not yet ten years old.

All the power of the government was brought to bear in the construction of Versailles.

List of French monarchs

But his attacks upon the ultraroyalists led in to a 2-year exile in England. Dumouriez was appointed to command the Army of the North in August Legacy During his lifetime, Louis was flattered ceaselessly by his subjects, while foreign journals compared him to a bloodthirsty tiger.

It was against this awe-inspiring backdrop that Louis tamed the nobility and impressed foreign dignitaries, using entertainment, ceremony and a highly codified system of etiquette to assert his supremacy.

For a scholarly, up-to-date synthesis of the Orleanist era see Paul H. With war on the horizon inall proprietary colonels were ordered to join their regiments. Louis Philippe was then recalled to Paris to give an account of the Battle at Valmy to the French government. Meanwhile, the juste milieu middle course became the maxim which guided his political actions: Charles at first denied her demands, but in December agreed to support her claim [58] once she had landed in France.

His regiment was moved north to Flanders at the end of after the Declaration of Pillnitz. They printed posters endorsing Louis Philippe and distributed them throughout the city. As a member of the reigning House of Bourbonhe was a Prince of the Bloodwhich entitled him the use of the style " Serene Highness ".Sep 01,  · Throughout his long reign Louis XIV (–) never lost the hold over his people he had assumed at the beginning.

Louis Philippe

Jules Cardinal Mazarin, detail of a portrait by Philippe de Champaigne; in the Musée Condé, Chantilly, France. King Louis XIV of France. The response of the empire and its members to the aggressive.

Louis Philippe I, King of the French

A war between France and Prussia that ended the Second Empire in France and led to the founding of modern Germany; Third Republic Name of the French government that started after the end of the Franco-Prussian War, which led to the demise of Napolean III, and survived until the invasion of the German third Reich.

Watch video · Who was Louis XIV of France? Everything you need to know about the 'Sun King' and the Palace of Versailles But who was Louis XIV?

Louis XIV of France, king of kings During his reign Louis. Charles Philippe of France was born inthe youngest son of the Dauphin Louis and his wife, the Dauphine Marie Josèphe, at the Palace of Versailles. Charles was created Count of Artois at birth by his grandfather, the reigning King Louis XV.

Louis-Philippe: Biography of Louis-Philippe, king of the French from to His actions in the Affair of the Spanish Marriages led to a breach with liberal Britain and closer alliance with French conservatives.

His inability to win the allegiance of the new industrial classes led to his fall from power. Feb 28,  · The reign of France’s Louis XIV (), known as the Sun King, lasted for 72 years, longer than that of any other known European sovereign.

An analysis of reign of king louis philippine of france
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