Analysis of albert beveridges americas destiny

The power that rules the Pacific, therefore, is the power Analysis of albert beveridges americas destiny rules the world. Our laws are its methods. Beveridge delivers a strong economic and military statement for maintaining the Philippines. How did Beveridge characterize the purposes and goals of the U.

Why did Beveridge believe that the U. He has made us adepts in government that we may administer government among savage and senile peoples. His was a warm personality, gentle, kindly. Let us settle the whole financial system on principles so sound that no agitation can shake it.

The title to that noble land out of which Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana have been carved was uncertain; Jefferson, strict constructionist of constitutional power though he was, obeyed the Anglo-Saxon impulse within him, whose watchword then and whose watchword throughout the world to-day is, "Forward!

What son of a soldier of the flag whose father fell beneath it on any field would surrender that proud record for the heraldry of a king? I have ridden hundreds of miles on the islands, every foot of the way a revelation of vegetable and mineral riches.

His eloquence in urging America to accept its place as a world power took on a messianic tone. By age 14, he was working as a railroad hand and, a few years later, managed a logging crew.

It is the watchword at the door of the inner temple of liberty, for liberty does not always mean self-government. While says he wants to help the Filipinos, he fails to realize that they never actually asked for help.

It was written by men who, for a century and a half, had been experimenting in self-government on this continent, and whose ancestors for hundreds of years before had been gradually developing toward that high and holy estate.

We govern the Indians without their consent, we govern our territories without their consent, we govern our children without their consent.

In his speech begging the U. The Constitution is immortal and even useful only as it serves the orderly development of the nation. Lines of navigation from our ports to the Orient and Australia; from the Isthmian Canal to Asia; from all Oriental ports to Australia, converge at and separate from the Philippines.

Beveridge also points out that bases at the Philippines would give the U. For the conflicts of the future are to be conflicts of trade--struggles for markets--commercial wars for existence. They had the logic of progress, and they knew that the republic they were planting must, in obedience to the laws of our expanding race, necessarily develop into the greater republic which the world beholds today, and into the still mightier republic which the world will finally acknowledge as the arbiter, under God, of the destinies of mankind.

Albert J. Beveridge

Attempts have been made by wretches claiming American citizenship to ship arms and ammunition from Asiatic ports to the Filipinos, and these acts of infamy were coupled by the Malays with American assaults on our government at home.

They are not of a self-governing race. We may tangle conditions by applying academic arrangements of self-government to a crude situation; their failure will drive us to our duty in the end The resources and the commerce of these immensely rich dominions will be increased as much as American energy is greater than Spanish sloth.

This is the divine mission of America, and it holds for us all the profit, all the glory, all the happiness possible to man. They know nothing of practical government except as they have witnessed the weak, corrupt, cruel, and capricious rule of Spain.

Bobbs-Merrill, I was assured that we could depend upon good men always being in office because the officials who constitute the government will nominate their successors, choose those among the people who will do the voting, and determine how and where elections will be held.

And this is indeed a heavier price than all combined. The President is its servant. Their trade will be ours in time. And shall we reap the reward that waits on our discharge of our high duty; shall we occupy new markets for what our farmers raise, our factories make, our merchants sell--aye, and, please God, new markets for what our ships shall carry?

The nation alone is immortal. The utterances of American opponents of the war are read to the ignorant soldiers of Aguinaldo and repeated in exaggerated form among the common people.

Albert Jeremiah Beveridge When he entered the U. Why should the farmer get a half-measure dollar of money any more that he should give a half-measure bushel of grain? Time, that unerring reasoner, has settled the silver question.

In February, after the treaty of peace, General Otis had only 3, officers and men whom he had a legal right to order into battle.Analysis of Albert Beveridge's "America's Destiny" Essay Charlie Wallau Ms. Mapes AP US History February 7, Analysis of “ America’s Destiny” In Albert Beveridge’s speech “ America’s Destiny”, he argues for the U.S.

to keep the Philippines after winning it from Spain in Is this a season to give our destiny over to word-mongers and prosperity-wreckers? No! It is an hour to remember our duty to our homes.

Albert Jeremiah Beveridge

It is a moment to realize the opportunities fate has opened to us. Source: Albert J. Beveridge, The Meaning of the Times, and Other Speeches (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, ), Paragraph numbers.

In Albert Beveridge’s speech “America’s Destiny”, he argues for the U.S. to keep the Philippines after winning it from Spain in The U.S. was thinking about returning it to Spain or possibly giving it independence, but Beveridge and the.

Beveridge's insistence on the sense of mission blankets what is a major preoccupation for his country - economical predominance. In paragraph 6, he uses the word "reward" in reference to the parable of Talent. Were it not for such a force as this the world would relapse into barbarism and night.

And of all our race He has marked the American people as His chosen nation to finally lead in the regeneration of the world. This is the divine mission of America, and it holds for us all the profit, all the glory, all the happiness possible to man.

Albert Beveridge was US Senator from Indiana (), and a fervent supporter of American imperialism. Define “Manifest Destiny” and briefly describe its use in American History and as applied by imperialists in the s; The Question of an American Empire: Worksheet 1: Imperialism beliefs; Media.

Analysis of albert beveridges americas destiny
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