Applying my personal values when working

What other factors contributed to your feelings of pride? Towards a theory of organizational socialization. This is hard to put into words — essentially it is about aligning myself with things that make me strong and avoiding things that make me feel weak.

This is an old value that has been redefine, in the past I wanted to be seen to have made a difference by others I now want to feel in myself that I have made a difference in the things that I do. Trust is a willingness to take a risk and make oneself vulnerable.

To not make assumptions: Before diving into a discussion of personal values, I should share the definition of values that I use and describe the concept of a complex of values too.

To use power rather than force: Universals in the content and structure of values: The time is right for me to look at events in my life with a new positivity, if nothing else it will make a change from all the negativity of recent months.

What Are Your Values?

The small percentage of people who progress to the highest level of moral development, the postconventional stage, make decisions on the basis of human rights, fairness and justice. In all the activities and aspects of my life I will take time to gently look at my life from other vantage points to see if there are other ways of being, thinking, doing that will enhance the quality of my life.

On the whole I want to be accepting, non-judgemental, trusting and loving in a way that allows me to be with any person, yet not get hooked by their emotional problems or rigid points of view. I would recommend some ground rules though: In First Things First, Stephen Covey and colleagues caution that our principles must contain more than self-centered values such as "self respect" or "a sense of accomplishment" because they can push us to develop arrogant, utilitarian relationships with others4.

Assumptions and expectations are formed often out of our conscious awareness and are often wrong. Learning about my personal values in the program, applying them to my professional work and seeing how they contribute in the profession has given me the insight on how professional ethics are interrelated with my own values.

Does my path have a heart? If I have calm or good thoughts I get calm or good feelings and if I have worrisome thoughts I get less good feelings, seems obvious what I should do!

Another course that has taken part in my ethical development as a human service professional has been HSPResearch Methods. Meaning that has purpose and depth that reflects who we are in the world. The unions lost faith in Don Carty when they saw the apparent contradiction between his choices and the expressed values of the company during his leadership.

Living Your Values at Work

Did other people share your pride? Self-awareness, in turn, helps us understand how people perceive us and allows us to identify the personal qualities that we would like to change.Working with Values and Beliefs when Providing Patient Care My Personal Philosophy of Nursing By: Michele Combs NUR Working with Values and Beliefs when Providing Patient Care Nursing is an art and a science.

The profession is an art of compassion and caring in a creative way. Living Your Values at Work. November 18, tags: coaching, Identifying and Prioritizing Your Values.

Working with your values is a process. Such a great article, Louise! I think many of us never really took the time to reflect on what are personal values are, and yet it’s a crucial step towards finding a meaning in our work.

My Personal Values and Beliefs Get Your Values & Beliefs Workbook Here For me, understanding your values is one of the most important aspects of personal growth, they open the doorway to more calmness, self respect and they help you to let go of old outdated beliefs.

Personal Values Essay. Moral Values. Words | 5 Pages. Applying personal values to education A student perspective A university, like organizations and communities, are comprised of individuals representing different cultural and religious backgrounds.

Working in the Women’s with children population, as a counselor I am charged. Good personal values are what makes the foundation for a good employee. Internships are an excellent time to show employers that you have the personal traits they value in their employees.

Working in a supportive work environment and taking the initiative to be self-directive will provide employees with a better sense of accomplishment and. Learning about my personal values in the program, applying them to my professional work and seeing how they contribute in the profession has given me the insight on how professional ethics are interrelated with my own values.

Applying my personal values when working
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