Beekeeping business plan workbook pdf

Frances passed away in and Victor inboth at the age of The Beaverlodge Ball Team ca. Hugh Allen receives recognition from a group of his peers in appreciation for the work he had done.

New Hugh Allen home in the Lower Beaverlodge district. Fink, 9th ; Mr. Victor and Frances Flint, shown here with their two eldest daughters Madelon and Pauline, homesteaded southeast of Beaverlodge. Norine and Jean with with the Redwood girls in the lake; float plane on the lake; weiner roast on the lakeshore with Beth, Norine, Joyce Jacques, Everett and Jack Sheehan; and campsite in the open beside the car.

The sub-series consists of negatives of Pioneer Farm, the home farm of Tom Sheehan; Sheehan family and friends; camping, swimming and fishing; transportation with horses, cars and trucks; travel photographs; and some miscellaneous negatives of hunting, wooden towers windmill, oil, forestryClairmont School, Lavern Sheehan and Jim Morken in war uniform.

After working in Toronto for several years, Beth returned home. Interior of the Oliver Johnson log cabin at Beaverlodge showing gathering of about 40 people on Christmas Day, This was the farm of Tom and Jennie Sheehan, who arrived in the Grande Prairie area in and established a farm southeast of Clairmont.

Fonds 002 Beth Sheehan fonds

Tom Sheehan is also in the photograph. Girls and their leaders are doing early morning exercises. Arnold Johnson and Rev. Three snapshots of a group crossing the Peace River on the Dunvegan ferry.

Tom Sheehan adding water to the radiator of a tractor at Pioneer Farm, near Clairmont. When word got out of their plans, four more couples with their families decided to join the Smiths, then six young single men, looking for a lark, were added.

The babies are strapped into the traditional moss bags which took the place of diapers. When Highway 34 was built ca. Clarke from Teepee Creek.

Includes Beth sitting at her dressing table and one of her on skis at the farm. Grande Prairie Co-operative Livestock Marketing Association holding pens at Sexsmith for pigs going to market by rail. Mortwedt, Percy Stone, Mr.

Catherines, president of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture. The windmill tower on the Sheehan farm near Clairmont, before the windmill blades were installed. Their new car is parked nearby.9th Annual County Fair, poster Creator: poster Grande Prairie County Ag Society poster for the 9th Annual County Fair in Size is 12″ x 18″.

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Beekeeping business plan workbook pdf
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