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Scoring is based on zero points for a miss, five points are earned for a hit anywhere in the body, eight points for the largest outer scoring ring on the animal, ten points for the five-inch circle inside the 8-ring, and twelve points for the smaller rings which are offset to the bottom and top of the ring.

ASA reserves the right to extend "at-large" invitations in all classes to shooters who are deemed worthy of competing, but who may have been prevented from regular qualifying due to their individual circumstances.

The arrow shaft must be touching a portion of the next highest scoring line to be scored for the higher value.

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A general inquiry for an interpretation of a rule may be submitted in writing to the Competition Committee. They will also review general rule interpretation submissions and serve on the annual Rules Advisory Board. Sight Rule - Fixed pins with no pin limit.

If they do not have a shirt to change into they will be required to turn the offensive shirt inside out if they wish to remain on the premises or they will be required to leave.

No one may practice on any target to be used for tournament shooting. Anyone using the Practice Range will be required to shoot from the designated stake provided. The projection of a light or reference point while shooting, either directly or by reflection, onto a target is prohibited.

Anyone not shooting within the allotted one minute will be given a zero for that target. If in the opinion of the Range Official the competitor is having difficulty drawing and controlling the bow, the competitor shall be required to decrease the poundage to allow them to properly draw and shoot the bow regardless of arrow speed.

Verbal abuse directed at tournament officials, other shooters or spectators will result in immediate disqualification of the shooter from the tournament, along with a referral to the Competition Committee for further action. All scorekeepers shall retain the score cards in their possession and no shooter is to have possession of their own card.

Any further offenses will result in disqualification. Clarifiers or verifiers in the peep are not considered magnification and are permitted.

Prior to shooting, each range will be instructed to proceed under "Free Pull" or under the instruction of the Range Official. Amateur Class Move-Up Rule: Any arrow deflecting by contact with another arrow already in the target and still proceeding toward the target will be scored based on where it lies in the target, or a maximum of five 5 points if it is not in the target.

Beginning inthe ASA was the first national organization to incorporate Known Distance 3-D which provides competitors with another option, as well as providing a more accessible starting point for new competitors.

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Further shooting will cease and scores will be totaled on targets completed and a zero recorded for each incomplete target. Still photography is allowed, but the use of flash equipment during competitions is prohibited.

Groups must have a minimum of three shooters and if a group of three experiences a breakdown that leaves only two shooters in the group, the range official will be the second scorer and accompany the group as a scorer until the third shooter returns.

Each twenty 20 target Unknown Distance round will be shot in three hours and thirty-minutes. No points from a previous class will be carried forward toward the ASA Shooter of the Year in the new class.

In practice, the greatest barrier to doing this and the thing that distinguishes winners from losers is the ability to "read" the wind, i.

Each shooter is responsible for having their Range Assignment Card with them, and shooting at the time, target, and range designated unless instructed otherwise by a tournament or range official. In addition, the prohibition on marks or notations includes carrying, or making, any additional notes about yardages or features of any target on a competition range.

Thanks for your help! Should a tie in total score exist for first place following the Final Arrow, the Shooters tied for first will continue to shoot until the tie is broken by total score.


Their shooting order will alternate for any additional targets that are required to break the tie. Crossbows may only be cocked and loaded while the shooter is at the stake, and while loaded it must remain pointed down range always.

At any point during the season that a competitor in Known 40 earns more than ten times the class entry fee in prize money in this class they will be required to compete in a higher Open class or Hunter. This prohibition includes lighted nocks which may be used but which must go dark prior to the next shooter assuming the stake.Already a Member?

If you have already activated your account then login below. If this is your first time using the online registration and you have an ASA number you must FIRST Activate your Account by using the Blue Activate account button and activate your account and set up password.

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Benning Shoot. Michael Tyrell. ASA President. Since our inception in the Archery Shooters Association has hosted tens of thousands of amateur and professional archers from across the United States in national Pro/Am and state level club competitions. Is is possible to tell the ASA to NOT rewrite certain things, like public internet links, javascript libraries, and certain other code or links?

When I am accessing our intranet through the SSL VPN, and I click on an external link, when I go to that site, their pages are being rewritten by the VPN. ASA reserves the right at any time to assign a registered shooter to a higher competition class based on knowledge of the competitor’s prior archery experience, performance in other archery competitions, or the individual’s established competition level in another organization.

The NetScalers sit behind a Cisco ASA. I'd like to do a redirect/rewrite that changes an HTTP request to an HTTPS request.

The question is, where is the best place to do this and why?

Content rewrite asa archery
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