Dairy farm business plan in pakistan most people

If you start taking out profits from it before three years, be prepared to inject more money in to it afterwards. By crossing at proper intervals, one can retain the milk production capacity and can also increase the herd size. I suggest you find those people too.

So, on average 3 persons are required for 20 animals depending upon the owner. Opportunity Pakistanis a land where every business has a potential to succeed.

Also the initial cost can be reduced by utilizing existing infrastructure, rather than setting up own infrastructure.

Dairy Farming in Pakistan

Although integration of any two businesses, much less three, is a pain in the neck amongst other body partsdairy farming provides me with the perfect long-term inspiration for working on these three projects! Pakistanis the 4th largest producer of milk in the world with a total production of 28 billion liters of milk a year.

To know more about the Dairy Farming Guide, please click here. Never begin with poor producing cows because if you begin with poor-producing cows, you will always be struggling to rebuild your herd and you might never be able to catch up. We have consulted small entrepreneurs who are already in this business and asked about the working requirements of this business.

So an imported cow averaging 25 to 30 liters per lactation is much better than a cross-bred cow averaging 14 to 18 liters per lactation. So if you can train yourself to actually think slow and steady, rather than fast and wobbly, then dairy farming is definitely something to consider.

Many dairy farmers were brought up on dairy farming while some others inherited it from their parents and branched out on their own. One can make different styles of shed depending upon the requirements and animal capacity.

Dairy Farming in Pakistan Business Plan

In order to acquire such knowledge and experience in the business, it is advisable that you work for a dairy farmer before you consider starting your own farm.

I thank you and wish you all the best.

Success story: Milking money in the dairy farm business

The ratio of these dairy animals is divided into 35 cows and 15 buffaloes. There are no two ways about it.


This should not stop any half-decent starta from doing and starting different projects, of course. The ROI is just plain and simple and you should stop listening to people who tell you otherwise.

How to Start Dairy Business in Pakistan?

After 10 years, no business seem to even come close to the almost logarithmic growth of a dairy farm.

You can also consider acquiring a little formal education on the business. The cost of a single buffalo ranges between Rs, to Rs, To minimize expenses, one can get rented land and buy used equipment.

And from this amount he cans double the production capacity by the next year. Moreover, producers can directly sell the milk to various customers in the cities at a high price. Land A land of around 50 kanals would be required which would include the shed, proper arrangement of water and area to dump and to grow Chara.

Then i advice you read on. The Neeli Ravi breed bull provides plenty of meat which is in demand across the country. How to Start Dairy Business in Pakistan? An efficient dairy business depends mainly upon the animals usually cows and buffaloes and land.

The ghee from buffalo milk is white whereas the ghee from a cow is yellow. The number one problem with imported cows is that they are unable to withstand the blast of heat of the Pakistani summers.

This is because the only way you will know if you truly enjoy dairy farming is from personally engaging yourself in it and secondly, the experience you gain while working as an employee in a dairy farm will help you in building your own business.

Today, when he looks back, he feels it was one of the best decisions of his life. Both sets of advice were given based on their own experiences, and it was not something I wanted. I want you to know that imported cows are not expensive. I remember travelling a total of kms plus, by road, all over Punjab, in one week, just to see and meet cow breeders.

The dairy farmers must have practice in feeding for growth, lactation, pregnancy, or maintenance, hygienic milk production on the farm.

Cooling of the shed etc. Also the figures may vary depending upon the market conditions. The requirements and material provided in this article is collected from small entrepreneurs of dairy business in the market may vary from person to person. The low yield animals and uneconomical to keep so they should be culled, the dairy animals on the high yielding hybrid level of forages and on high nutritious can be adopted.Then I recommend you read the original article on Dairy Farming in Pakistan.

That article explains a lot of valuable decisions. not in anyways. From what I have seen in Pakistan, basically the people are evolving but the country is not. I’ll tweak it for ‘dairy farming’ and inshAllah, include it with the ‘business plan.

Starting a Dairy Farm – Sample Business Plan Template

How much money do you need to live on after the dairy bills are all paid? Your business plan should include a cash flow plan that will help you set reasonable expectations for your expenses and cost of production.

Many dairy farms in Pennsylvania produce most if not all their own forages and many of their concentrate (grain) needs. Raising. Pakistan is one of the top six milk producers in the world but farmers are not well equipped to avail benefits. Published in The Express Tribune, Milking the dairy farming business.

Dairy Farming in Pakistan. Business, Business Case Studies, I was interested in quite a few facets of Dairy Farming: The Business Model: Warning: Know This Before You Start Dairy Farming.

Most of the things people say, they just say them without much thought. DAIRY MANAGEMENT BOARD BUSINESS PLAN / Page | 2 As in andsupplies of raw farm milk were maintained at sustainable levels (Guernsey’s dairy farmers) and the people of Guernsey, as customers.

The Milk and Milk Products (Guernsey) Law Pakistan's 1 st Online Dairy Farming Guide. Home || Our Team | Financial plan of feasibility is based on 10 years. Summary Initial cost of the project. Rs. M. Initial working capital. Rs. M. Profitable Dairy Business moves around the management.

Dairying gives huge profit if it is well managed while mismanagement leads to.

Dairy farm business plan in pakistan most people
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