Discipline problem among students essay

The nation cannot be allowed to go to dogs. Jobs are offered only to those who have some pulls or who can use some backstair influence. Even people who have no taste for teaching take to this profession.

A lot is being done to harness the student power for constructive activities, but much more remains to be done. Students are a part of this generation.

The student is all the time burdened with the prospect of an uncertain future. Sometimes it is a question of the cinema tickets that makes Discipline problem among students essay go violent; at still another time it is the issue of increased bus fares or fees that makes them go on a rampage.

The government is seriously thinking of overhauling the entire system of education to make it really useful and worthwhile.

It is an admitted fact that students of today are very much different from those of a generation ago. Students were encouraged by our leaders to take part in the freedom struggle. Classes are generally over-crowded. Varied courses should be prescribed, so that students may choose only the subjects which really interest them.

Over-crowding in classes must be avoided. With degrees in their hands, the students have to move from pillar to post in search of jobs.

Those in authority must go into the causes of unrest and see if some corrective steps can be taken to save the situation. Let us hope that things will change for the better in due course of time. The most important one is the political cause.

They notice a sharp contrast in what they preach and what they practice. There are many other causes of indiscipline. Real cause of this problem is to be looked into.

They must be taught to shun violence and cultivate the spirit of harmony. All this clearly proves that our students are indiscipline. Teachers too indulge in politics.

Essay On The Problem of Indiscipline Among Students

That politics is the chief cause of student indiscipline, is clearly brought out by the fact that during the period of emergency there was complete peace in educational institutions. Grades and salaries of teachers have been raised, as also their academic qualifications.

A student of today is certainly a discontented and dissatisfied youth. Almost all the political parties have set up their front organizations in universities and colleges. They followed all the methods that were useful for this end. But students alone are not to be blamed for this.

Not a single day passes without the news of a strike in some college or some university. Moreover, the educational institutions have become a means of giving employment to the unemployed.

Only we need a will to solve it. Political parties must agree that none of them would use students to achieve their political ends. If we want to solve this problem, all of us must co-operate.

They must learn to respect the religious views and principles of each other. Indeed, politics is the most important cause of student indiscipline to-day.

The content of education proves to be of no use to the student in later life. In examinations, they insist on copying.

In society, immature youngsters find their elders behaving in an indiscipline way. He is not prepared to accept the established moral values or faiths. He wants to know how and why things happens as they do.Every responsible person to-day complains of the growing indiscipline among students.

This is a fact borne out by daily happenings. Students go on strike whenever something is done against their will. Related Articles: The Role of Students in National Life – Essay. Causes and Effects Essay (Gangster Ism) Discipline Problem Among School Students(1) Discipline problems in school.

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Documents Similar To Essay Disciplines in Schools Today. Trial Kedah English SPM K2. Uploaded by. Cikgu Faizal. JUJ English. Uploaded by.3/5(2). Financial problem also happened among students especially when they further their study away from their hometown.

Problem Face by Overseas Students.

PMT (Group B) Essay Discuss the problems international students may face when studying in the UK. Essay on “Student in Discipline” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on Indiscipline Among Students

About. There is a wave of unrest among the students of today. Essay on “Problem of Unemployment” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Based on our research, we want to find out why does the students still make discipline problem instead obey the rules and what encourage them to make discipline problem.

We will write a custom essay sample on Discipline Problem Among Teenagers in College specifically for you. Essay on Indiscipline Among Students. Category: Essays, Conclusion: Hence, problem of indiscipline and unrest among students is a part of a much bigger problem viz.

reconstruction of our country’s educational system. The system need to be overhauled and made to suit the needs of the time and Indian conditions of life. Short Essay on.

Discipline problem among students essay
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