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To my wonder, I found that for an ECS of three degrees C, our planet would cross the dangerous warming threshold of two degrees C inonly 22 years from now. ECS is a guide to when that will happen if we continue emitting CO2 at our business-as-usual pace.

Yet I have done some calculations that I think can answer those questions now: It provides encouragement that we can avert irreparable harm to our planet. The upturned blade of the stick, at the right, indicated an abrupt and unprecedented rise since the mids.

So even if we accept a lower ECS value, it hardly signals the end of global warming or even a pause.

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The IPCC based the lowered bound on one narrow line of evidence: And they have a proved track record: An ECS of three degrees C means that if we are to limit global warming to below two degrees C forever, we need to keep CO2 concentrations far below twice preindustrial levels, closer to ppm.

To avoid breaching the ppm threshold, fossil-fuel burning would essentially have to cease immediately. When these are taken into account, Hansen and others maintain, we need to get back down to the lower level of CO2 that existed during the midth century—about ppm.

If so, it offers cautious optimism. That is, if—and only if—we accept the urgency of making a transition away from our reliance on fossil fuels for energy.

Some climate scientists, including James E. To avoid the threshold, nations will have to keep carbon dioxide levels below parts per million. The computer model determines how the average surface temperature responds to changing natural factors, such as volcanoes and the sun, and human factors—greenhouse gases, aerosol pollutants, and so on.

Clouds could be the most significant. Instead it simply buys us a little bit of time—potentially valuable time—to prevent our planet from crossing the threshold. Cautious Optimism These findings have implications for what we all must do to prevent disaster.

Hansen, former head of the nasa Goddard Institute for Space Studies, say we must also consider slower feedbacks such as changes in the continental ice sheets.

Even so, there is considerable reason for concern. A Date with Destiny: I then instructed the model to project forward under the assumption of business-as-usual greenhouse gas emissions.

New calculations by the author indicate that if the world continues to burn fossil fuels at the current rate, global warming will rise to two degrees Celsius bycrossing a threshold that will harm human civilization. Many climate scientists—myself included—think that a single decade is too brief to accurately measure global warming and that the IPCC was unduly influenced by this one, short-term number.

The curves for a substantially lower 1. ECS is shorthand for the amount of warming expected, given a particular fossil-fuel emissions scenario. Different modeling groups come to different conclusions on what the precise effects of these feedbacks may be.

The conclusion that limiting CO2 below ppm will prevent warming beyond two degrees C is based on a conservative definition of climate sensitivity that considers only the so-called fast feedbacks in the climate system, such as changes in clouds, water vapor and melting sea ice.

To avoid the ppm threshold, global carbon emissions could rise only for a few more years and then would have to ramp down by several percent a year. For these regions, current warming, and the further warming at least 0. Let us hope that a lower climate sensitivity of 2.The rate at which the earth's temperature has been rising eased slightly in the past decade, but temperature is still increasing; calling the slowdown a “pause” is false.

New calculations by the author indicate that if the world continues to burn fossil fuels at the current rate, global warming will rise to two degrees Celsius bycrossing a.

Earth in Danger!

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Earth in danger!

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Earth in danger
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