Essay on cultural relativism

But there is no harm in studying them and judging them for what they are worth. Cultural Relativism and the Abuse of the Individual.

Islam is also concerned with the basic teaching and principles which are to be followed while doing business and adopting cultural relativity.

Cultural Relativism Theory and Virtue ethics

This is increasingly seen as opportunistic and unprincipled. The perspective that culture and business are intertwined may be provocative for some and obvious for others. Through a State Prism. He traveled the world, during which time he was able to shift his Essay on cultural relativism.

Feel free to contact our custom essay service to order your compare and contrast academic paper written from scratch. They lose some business, but some report that the fear of losing business is overblown, and that when it became known that they would not pay bribes, they were no longer asked for them but contracts were won.

Cultural Relativism

Also there is a general argument in which different cultures have different moral codes and that there is no objective truth in morality and that these are just matter of opinions that varies from culture to culture.

Herder was born in what is now Poland and grew up impoverished, educating himself with the family songbook and Bible. The Eskimos men have more than one wife at which they share it with a guest as a sign of hospitality in which also other men can have sexual access to a woman at which a woman can leave her husband and find a new partner.

We need to abandon the project of universalizing ethics along Western lines. This means that we would stop condemning other societies only because they are different from us.

Part of the influence on this theoretical development was the importance that people placed on patriotism and nationalism, Herder concluded. For a long time, however, many businesspeople have been wise enough to base their decisions on behaviour that is expected and approved of by the groups of stakeholders that are affected by those decisions.

All the qualities of man that make him really human are God-given gifts that are linked to his soul. But he is perhaps best known for his contributions to the creation of the theory of cultural relativism.

Our moral principles describe social conventions and must be based on the norms of our society. The following example explains the success of a business by following ethical cultural relativism. There are risks inherent to each approach which need to be explored.

The problem with insisting on common worldwide standards is that local customs in foreign cultures may be trampled upon or offended. According to this argument, Rachels claims that societies have different moral values. They think that societies disagree widely about morality, and that we have no clear way to resolve the differences.

Cultural Relativism in Business

Enlightenment was an important period as it was the backdrop out of which anthropological sensibilities began to oppose. Pincoff says that virtues are those traits of character that lead us to seek people and vices are those traits of character that leads us to avoid people. They are more agreeable to using deception for gaining competitor information, protecting dishonest employees, practicing deceptive advertising and labeling, having deceptive pricing, manipulating expenses, and engaging in insider trading.

Anchored at the Quran, we need not be perturbed by these fads and fashions in philosophy or sociology. The moral code in a society maybe good or bad, nobody knows, so nobody can judge whose better. It was because of his inspiration to Goethe that years later, when Goethe was well known, he used his influence to secure a position for Herder.

References Cite all sources used in your report. Furthermore, if you take cultural relativism seriously there are consequences. Some of the topics below should be altered for scalability based on your assignment such as adding a time period, or a theory, or perhaps narrowing it down to one aspect of a time period or theory.

Examples of virtue character traits that a person should have are as follows: Lastly they spoke about social contract theory that the right thing to do is to follow the rules that rational, self-interested people can agree to establish for their mutual benefit.

As we can go back and look at the example about the Callatians at which the Greeks believed that it was wrong to eat the dead, whereas the Callatians believed it was right. Cultural relativism is the view that all beliefs are equally valid and that truth itself is relative, depending on the situation, environment, and individual.

Take the example of facilitating payments or bribes.(Results Page 2) View and download cultural relativism essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your cultural relativism essay.

"Cultural relativism is the doctrine that what makes an action right is that it is approved by one's cultural. Cultural relativism does not imply that individuals are infallible, but does imply that cultures are morally infallible.

Thus cultures make the moral law, so cultures can do no wrong /5(6). In explaining Cultural Relativism, it is useful to compare and contrast it with Ethical Relativism. Cultural Relativism is a theory about morality focused on the concept that matters of custom and ethics are not universal in nature but rather are culture specific.

Each culture evolves its own unique. Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Cultural Relativism". When it comes to human rights, the issue of cultural relativism is widely discussed.

Majority of the human rights literature encompasses the western and non-western. Cultural Relativism in Business: The 21st century is an era of the globalization of world economy.

Cross-national business is facing great challenges in cultural differences.

Essay on cultural relativism
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