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When the queen gets injured he travels through time to find a doctor to save the queen. Faith Historical Lee Min Ho stars in this thrilling fantasy epic, as an elite warrior in s Korea who travels to the 21st century to find a doctor capable of healing the Queen.

He is most well-known for his hit action drama, City Hunterwhere he plays the lead role. Beginnings[ edit ] Lee started auditioning and landed minor roles in several television dramas such as Nonstop 5 and Recipe of Love.

He returned to his public service duty after four weeks of basic military training. He suffered another car accident in while filming City Hunter. When asked about why he chose the role during an interview he responded "I think I would do a better job playing heavy and more defined roles when I am older.

He made his first drama debut in when he played a small role in Sharp I. Competition for the leading role was very intense and Lee only got to know he was cast from the newspapers. I Am Sam Comedy A rookie high school teacher finds himself in charge of a class of high school delinquents - including the daughter of a notorious mob leader.

During his interview on One Night of TV Entertainment, Min Ho commented that he lost 15 pounds in one month due to the filming of Faith, where there were a lot of fighting scenes.

During the shooting of the latter he became good friends with actor Kim Su-rowho later praised him on a variety show: He returned to the "rich high school alpha male" role that made him a star in Boys Over Flowers for Heirswhere he played the irresistible Kim Tan Recently In Bounty Hunters Feature Films When a series of luxury hotels are attacked by terrorists, five fugitive hunters work together to catch the mastermind behind it all.

Lee Min Ho

Heirs Romantic Comedy Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho star in this trendy high school drama about chaebols as they form friendships and fall in love for the first time. As with his previous album, he stated that the tracks were recorded for his fans and that he had no ambition to pursue a singing career.

I think "Personal Taste" was perfect because it is bright, cheerful but you can also laugh and cry over it as well.

Lee Min-ho (actor, born 1987)

Lee was severely injured and spent several months bedridden. However, as his stage name was pronounced and written Hangul in the same way as the Korean word imin, which means "immigration", he later said it was difficult to find himself in internet search results.

He eventually went back to using his original name. He has received many awards, recognition for his exceptional role in City Hunter.Lee Min Ho (이민호); South Korean; Lee Min Ho is a South Korean actor and singer.

He is best known for his leading roles in Boys Over Flowers and action drama. Lee Min Ho stars in this thrilling fantasy epic, as an elite warrior in s Korea who travels to the 21st century to find a doctor capable of healing the Queen.

Watch Now Watch Later In Queue Gangnam Blues. Min-Ho Lee, Actor: Gangnam Lee Min Ho is a South Korean actor who is known for his leading roles in television dramas such as Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter and Heirs.

He started his career in and since then has been cast in various TV shows, short dramas and minor movie roles.

Lee Min-Ho

He first gained widespread fame with his role as. Lee Min Ho is one of the most popular Asian actors working today. Born on June 22,he should not be confused with the younger Lee Min Ho (born June 28, ), another Korean actor.

This Lee Min Ho’s popularity extends well beyond the borders of Korea into China and other countries throughout the world and even has his very own Weight: (69 kg). m Followers, 1 Following, 54 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from L (@actorleeminho).

sabina Jan 29 am Hi Lee Min Ho I don't speak good at English but I am learning it for you sorry for mistake lee min ho I watch all of your dramas and movie one of your movies is the heirs I like it so lee min ho good luck.

Lee min ho
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