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I want you to know that I am extending to you the hand of fellowship though I hold over you at the same time, the scepter of judgment.

Today at Chef Icon Nature Bakery, we do not use any artificial ingredients in our products. Shortly after the controversy over the letter began to subside, another incident occurred on the BYU campus that stirred up similar feelings about the way Elder McConkie would sometimes choose to exercise his right as an apostle to correct what he saw as false doctrine or practices that could potentially prove harmful to faith.

Haight, both of whom know well my mind and spirit. The University of Utah Press,49— After hanging up the phone, England discussed the conversation with his wife, Charlotte, who expressed her concern that the interaction could become negative and advised against inviting McConkie to participate.

It is still not entirely clear what lessons I have learned, but I am sincerely trying. But I recognize that I could certainly be wrong, that I could be interpreting Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and others incorrectly, or that subsequent revelation has invalidated what they said.

The company continues to develop and create new products, with dedication to craft and concern for the well-being of its customers. It would be gracious of you to read my paper and give me some response if you feel there is need. Avina, he described, comes from Esperanto, an invented world language, translating roughly as "grandmother".

Food nourishes our earthly bodies and minds, he explained, and is linked to this ancient model of wisdom and care. God is thus, as Joseph understood, redemptively sovereign, not absolute in every way, but absolutely able to save us. As a consequence, Elder McConkie revised the talk for publication so as to clarify that he was stating personal views and not official Church doctrine.

What [Brigham Young] did is not a pattern for any of us.

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In contrast, Elder McConkie felt no reservations at claiming authority to define and declare gospel truth. At the direction of President McKay, an analysis of the book by two apostles noted its many doctrinal errors, offensive statements, and overly authoritative tone.

If you have any question about my ability or good faith before you take the time to read my work, you could check with Elder Boyd K.

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Pace and a colleague of his son, Joseph F. It was understood that the copy had somehow originated in your office. However, nine months later, on 1 JuneElder Bruce R. Confident in the reality and benevolence of God, England concludes his BYU Studies essay on the nature of God by embracing adventure and a degree of risk in an open universe without end.

President Kimball was not doctrinaire, and he felt a need to interfere in doctrinal matters only when he saw strong statements of personal opinion as being divisive. But neither did it any longer seem right for me to remain silent about what I understood to be an important and official teaching of the Restoration affecting the education of my students, so in I published an essay in Brigham Young University Studies, exploring as objectively as possible two complementary ways of talking about God—as perfect and as progressing.

Online discussions reveal that curiosity about the England and McConkie exchange has not waned in the three decades since it took place, as it raises important questions about the rights and responsibilities of individuals as they relate to religious authority. Today, Chef Icon Nature Bakery offers a wide selection of cakes, bread, desserts, sandwiches and burgers that represent its ideals of simple, natural food with exquisite tastes.

Upon his return to Utah from London, other priorities emerged, allowing the heartache caused by these exchanges with the apostle to fade into the background. I am taking the liberty of so speaking to you at this time, and become thus a witness against you if you do not take the counsel.

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This is false, utterly, totally, and completely. Kimball, and David B. Eugene England and Bruce R. With sincerity and a craft that has matured with time, we seek a new vision of quality: Kimball, Lengthen Your Stride: What clearly emerges in the exchange, however, is that both England and McConkie saw themselves as defenders of the faith—loyal believers with profound testimonies of Jesus Christ and the restored gospel.

The acceptance of this essay in BYU Studies is, itself, a recognition by editors faithful to the church that the two views of God co-exist within Mormon thought and are worth at least considering and attempting to reconcile.

Certainly it is possible for an individual among the Brethren to ask me to do or believe something I simply could not, at least in good conscience. It is our sincere hope our customers can experience this direct connection with our food.

McConkie represent the liberal and conservative strains of orthodox Mormon intellectuals. Never having personally interacted with Elder McConkie, England begins his letter by expressing warmth and admiration for the apostle, especially his testimony of Jesus Christ: When questioned by his family, colleagues, and students about his thoughts and feelings surrounding Elder McConkie, England was consistently and remarkably sympathetic and respectful of the apostle.

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These were the circumstances during which he found in his stack of unopened mail a ten-page letter from Elder Bruce R. McConkie, 1 September In his attempts to describe and continue this dialectic in Mormon theology, Eugene England valued and invited dialogue between different perspectives rather than rushing to settle debates about the nature of God.

Elder McConkie also was privately reprimanded by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve for his problematic publication. Kimball Salt Lake City:But wait, there's more!

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A Professor and Apostle Correspond: Eugene England and Bruce R. McConkie on the Nature of God

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