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HT only A single force can be resolved into two components acting at right angles to each other. Faulty heart valves can be replaced using biological or mechanical valves. A tissue is a group of cells with a similar structure and function.

Be able to explain how electron microscopy has increased understanding of subcellular structures. The work done by a force on an object can be calculated using the equation: Other factors including diet, stress and life situations may have a profound effect on both physical and mental health.

The weight of an object can be calculated using the equation: Phloem is composed of tubes of elongated cells. Displacement includes both the distance an object moves, measured in a straight line from the start point to the finish point and the direction of that straight line.

Viruses living in cells can be the trigger for cancers. Uncontaminated cultures of microorganisms are required for investigating the action of disinfectants and antibiotics.

This process will supply energy but also causes the build-up of lactic acid in muscles which causes fatigue. Root hair cells are adapted for the efficient uptake of water by osmosis and mineral ions by active transport. Be able to discuss and explain the human and financial cost of these non-communicable diseases to an individual, a local community, a nation or globally.

The body contains three different types of blood vessel: New drugs are extensively tested for toxicity, efficacy and dose. For this reason most young children are vaccinated against measles. Physics Paper 6, Topic 22 "Forces" Know that weight is the force acting on an object due to gravity.


New medical drugs have to be tested and trialled before being used to check that they are safe and effective. The effect of smoking on lung disease and lung cancer. Be able to interpret data about risk factors for specified diseases. You should be able to: You need to be able to use simple compound measures such as rate and carry out rate calculations for blood rate.

Online GCSE Science Exams

Be able to explain how the spread of diseases can be reduced or prevented. Defects in the immune system mean that an individual is more likely to suffer from infectious diseases.

Online GCSE Exams

The weight of an object depends on the gravitational field strength at the point where the object is. You should be able to explain the effect of changing temperature, humidity, air flow air movement and light intensity on the rate of transpiration.

Be able to recognise, draw and interpret diagrams that model osmosis.

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It is caused by a bacterium and was easily treated with the antibiotic penicillin until many resistant strains appeared.Past Papers We don’t have any Past Papers for Applied Science Double Award are the past papers for Applied Science Double you searched in our online.

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Past gcse science papers online
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