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More essays like this: One of the responsibilities of the legislature is to pass bills that keep law abiding citizens as safe as possible, and this bill will contribute to that goal.

There have been numerous theories developed on why people choose to break the law, but the bottom line is that they do and they must face the consequences for their decisions. Classic School of Thought in Criminology. Conclusion The current measure as written increases the maximum prison terms for individuals convicted of armed robbery.

The psychological elements that play a role in why a person decides to commit a crime are important in the area of deterrence. Therefore, it is required for the government to Prison tern policy recommendation the percentage of tax that needed to be charge against working citizen.

Whether a person is robbing a place of business or an individual, they are committing a crime against society and robbing people of their sense of safety and security. There are many people in society that struggle to make ends meet and work tirelessly to provide for their families.

Furthermore, opponents argue that many non-violent offenders are improperly incarcerated because the law vaguely combines non-violent offenses with those of a more serious, violent nature State of Connecticut General Assembly, Adding mandatory years to the sentence for committing a crime such as armed robbery, may be a positive attribute to the prevention of future crimes of this kind.

Policymakers continuously work on bills that try to deter people from committing crimes and reduce the recidivism rate of offenders.

Schmalleger,p. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Recommendations for Modifying the Current Measure The measure should take into account the factors of plea negotiations, prison overcrowding, and cases of repeat offenders. There are cons and Prison tern policy recommendation to this new policy.

I strongly advice you to vote for the change. First of all, if the rate of arm robbery is reducing, the citizen will feel more secure. Armed robbery would fit in the category of being considered wrong, no matter what the circumstances involved are.

On the other hand, there are at least three pros if this bill is passed. If there was a way to incorporate these services into the institutions that inmates were serving their sentence in, this would be ideal. They also suggest that the laws protect those convicted of crimes from disparities in sentencing State of Connecticut General Assembly, Monday, September 9, Prison Term Policy Recommendation Introduction The proposed bill introduces a measure to double the maximum incarceration term for individuals convicted of armed robbery.

Opponents of the law argue that incarceration times are disproportionate between Caucasian and Minority offenders, sentencing disparities potentially produce unintended consequences for different offenses State of Connecticut General Assembly, The judicial function of any state legislature is the ensure the justice system is effectively and fairly implemented in accordance with state law State of Connecticut General Assembly, The goal of this bill would be to reduce the amount of armed robbery cases by assigning longer prison terms, and act as a deterrent to criminal offenders.

Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal Essay Sample

Punishment for crimes committed is a necessary part of the checks and balances process but adding services that can assist offenders in becoming productive members of society one day, is helpful. Lastly, prisons are already overcrowded due to the number of inmates who have committed minor offenses, doubling the sentence will add to this problem.

When the citizens feel secure, they will trust in the law and its effectiveness. Opponents cite that the prison rates in Connecticut and other sates and federal prisons has increased as a result of mandatory minimum sentencing laws, which also places greater financial burden and overcrowding State of Connecticut General Assembly, Opponents of the mandatory minimum sentencing laws suggest that there is empirical evidence that disproves the theory that tougher or longer sentences will deter individuals from committing serious crimes State of Connecticut General Assembly, When a person decides to commit a crime such as armed robbery, there is a level of free will involved.

This order is treatable using methods of psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, and pharmaceutical interventions Black, Soon, the legislature will be voting on a bill that would double the maximum prison term for anyone who is convicted of armed robbery.

The psychological program should be implemented at the time of release, and be made a requirement of parole. Increasing the maximum sentence for violent, weapon involved crimes can keep citizens that choose to follow the law safe from people who choose not to.

Many times these types of programs involve intensive therapy, job-skill training and substance abuse counseling. The subject must also meet at minimum of one or more symptoms of deceitfulness associated with repeated lying, conning others for personal gain, or use of aliases Long,or lack or remorse, indifference to or rationalizing injury or mistreatment, and theft Long, First of all, if the prison term is doubled, it will cost a lot of tax money.

University of Phoenix, The part of this type of crime that may not be associated with free will, is the rationale behind it or ability to make rational choices.

Prison Term Policy

Secondly, if this prison term is double, it will keep the ex-convicts from committing the same crime over and over again. Once the people see the effectiveness of the new bill, they will less likely to plan an armed robbery.

On the other side, there are pros to this change.Prison term Policy Recommendation Prison Term Policy Recommendation As a Criminologist Advisor to a member of State Legislature, I have been chosen to provide a prison term policy on armed robbery.

Soon, the legislature will be voting on a bill that would double the maximum prison term for anyone who is convicted of armed robbery. Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal Essay Sample. Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal September 9, Armed robbery is a serious crime that can put many people in harm’s way.

Prison Term Policy Recommendation Kianna Petty CJA/ June 16, Professor Paula Rutkowski Prison Term Policy Recommendation Paper As a realistic matter, it is smart to sustain a bill that addresses a real concern, creates proper use of resources and effectively addresses the problem for which it was intended.

Prison Term Policy Recommendation It is the responsibility for members of the state legislature to thoroughly research whether a bill to double the maximum prison term for any person convicted of armed robbery will be an effective deterrent to future crimes.

The data compiled will present the positive and negative aspects of the proposed bill. Sep 09,  · Prison Term Policy Recommendation: Armed Robbery in the State of Connecticut According to the State of Connecticut General Assembly Website (), “ Crime and its punishment is a public policy concern in which the state legislature has a key role in defining.” (para 1).

PRISON TERM POLICY 2 Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal There is a bill currently working its way through the state legislature this bill is focused on the length of time an offender serves. The objective of this bill would be to alter the length of time served for those convicted of armed robbery%(28).

Prison tern policy recommendation
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