Should a business plan have a cover page

It is important to state clearly the benefits for the bank or investor. Her work includes writing website content and small client projects.

People starting a small business may spend hours preparing their business plan, but not give much thought to the cover letter.

This title should be typed in the largest font size that will be on the page, as it is the focal point for the document. It can relate some marketing facts, focus group responses, demographic data or other key statistics from the business plan, but it should not be overloaded with these facts.

How to Make a Business Plan Cover Page

This is the address where investors or other interested parties should send all their inquiries. Confusion clouds your mind. When presenting your formal plan, you should place it inside a binder and attach a cover page denoting what the document is. Each time you update this document and present it, you will need to update this date.

Share on Facebook An effective business plan details how your company will achieve its goals by describing your products or services, your organizational structure, marketing ideas, and how your company will distinguish itself from competitors.

It is the outline to how your idea will Type the title in the center of the page. Then, under the title of your business plan, write and center the name of your business. Note that the title and date should be featured less prominently than your company name.

A brief paragraph describing what your business does or proposes to do. Tell her you are available to come in and discuss your business plan further. Tips On How To Get A Business Loan Whether you wish to start a new business or expand your existing one, you will most likely need to find a source of funding.

What you ultimately list here will also depend on the type of financing you are seeking debt or equity. Other information, such as your business phone and website should be included underneath the address, single-spaced.

Include any additional words that are part of the title.

Business Plan Cover Page – Professional but Not an Art Project

This will show the lender or investor that the business is worthwhile.This should include the cost to your business and what services they will provide.

Examples include: accountant, attorney, insurance agent and marketing agency. If you will use an advisory board, list potential members and area of expertise.

A business plan should have a cover. There is no reason to have your work bound in leather; what is required is a neat cover of adequate size to hold your material. Buy a blue, black, or brown. The cover should state if this is a Business Plan, Executive Summary or Financial Projections.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Business Plan

So, at this point, your cover page may read as follows: John's Plumbing, Inc. Business Plan Cover Page – Professional but Not an Art Project.

When your business plan is sitting on a banker’s desk with your small business loan application, or being reviewed by an investor or venture capital firm, the business plan cover page is all they will see.

When submitting a business plan to a lender or investor, it is important to include a business plan cover letter that is addressed to the person who will review the business plan. This is the applicant’s chance to have a personal word with the lender and prepare him or her for reading the business plan.

In addition to these sections, a business plan should also have a cover, title page and table of contents. How Long Should Your Business Plan Be?

5 Business Plan Cover Page Tips

Depending on what you're using it for, a useful business plan can be any length, from a scrawl on the back of an envelope to, in the case of an especially detailed plan describing a complex enterprise, more than pages.

Should a business plan have a cover page
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