The creative writing ignorance is not bliss

Standing on the roof of the building: With perfect propriety you give divine honours to your departed emperors, as you worship them in life.

Classical Languages

A great deal of wordsmithing also involves using variety and diversity in the writing in order to prevent the kind of boredom which arises from a repetition of the same word over and over -- even when the word is in each instance the most appropriate word to use.

Such specification thus limits the impact of the symbols, which in and of themselves may contain greater nuances and levels of meaning than however many words. So to take an analogy, there are dissociations in reading a language.

News From Nowhere

Have I not told you that we know what a prison means by the undoubted evidence of really trust-worthy books, helped out by our own imaginations? And by the way, I saw that the silver had oxidised, and was like a blackleaded stove in colour. I hand over the Tauric fables to their own theatres.

Then, further, wherever you are — at home, abroad, over the seas — your lust is an attendant, whose general indulgence, or even its indulgence in the most limited scale, may easily and unwittingly anywhere beget children, so that in this way a progeny scattered about in the commerce of life may have intercourse with those who are their own kin, and have no notion that there is any incest in the case.

Such forays into mercantile are fraught with peril in that no one really knows what to expect from a truly new book of fiction.

Thomas Gray

To her quoth Dick: The verb actually is agreeing with the number of the predicate nominative "death". You are, I suppose, more devout in the arena, where after the same fashion your deities dance on human blood, on the pollutions caused by inflicted punishments, as they act their themes and stories, doing their turn for the wretched criminals, except that these, too, often put on divinity and actually play the very gods.

Devil in the Grove: You first of all expose your children, that they may be taken up by any compassionate passer-by, to whom they are quite unknown; or you give them away, to be adopted by those who will do better to them the part of parents.

Short Stories There is an old antidote -- probably not true, but I will use it anyway -- in which someone once asked Ludwig Von Beethoven how to write a symphony.

If you offer homage to a piece of wood at all, it matters little what it is like when the substance is the same: The simple truth is that truth is often hard to come by, and that once found it may easily be lost again.

What is hides beneath what seems. It is not only Christiansyou see, who despise you; for all that you do there is neither any crime thoroughly and abidingly eradicated, nor does any of your gods reform his ways.


But as time wear on, their attention starts to flag, and then it collapses completely. Many characters in novels are admittedly stereotypes.

We must not come to believe, however, that control is automatic; as a minimum we must also know something about organizational objectives and the personality of the chief executive or the controller. The difference in expressiveness lies in the fact that language makes use of the combinatorial power of syntax whereas other communicative forms lack syntax.

The stream of Time, irresistible, ever moving, carries off and bears away all things that come to birth and plunges them into utter darkness, both deeds of no account and deeds which are mighty and worthy of commemoration; as the playwright [Sophocles] says, it "brings to light that which was unseen and shrouds from us that which was manifest.

We lay our heads upon the block; before the lead, and the glue, and the nails are put in requisition, your deities are headless. As they were literally drafted into local industries, to spend their full time day hours at work, and still have their household to run afterwards!Intelligence To be intelligent you first have to know what being Intelligent is.

And you also have to know what being ignorant is. Ignorant is just another word for "Not knowing".But not knowing is not always obvious or clearly's because learning is not fully understood. The more you learn the more you should realize what you didn't know. News From Nowhere or An Epoch of Rest Being Some Chapters From a Utopian Romance by William Morris Contents Discussion and Bed.

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The creative writing ignorance is not bliss
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