University of miami business plan competition

Concept papers will be evaluated based on the degree to which the following are thoroughly and clearly addressed: All participants must create an account, enter their personal information in order to submit the concept paper see below. The students have learned to tap their resources for outside expertise when needed.

And once that begins to happen, Valens can consider developing similar solutions for other diseases with high volumes of admission rates, such as pneumonia.

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The concept paper is the document used to determine which applicants will be invited to submit a full, detailed business plan for the competition. Who has the capacity to challenge the status quo? The bad part, says Campo, is that the program is paid for with federal funds that will eventually run out.

Multiple concept paper submissions are NOT accepted. A predictive algorithm that could identify the high-risk patients and reduce readmission costs, but not be dependent on government funding, would be a win-win for patients and hospitals.

Who are your competitors, and who might become competitors? What is new about what you are making? Their participation or affiliation will automatically make the team ineligible to compete.

The selected concept papers will be invited to submit a business plan in March and to pitch in the Semifinals on April 9, closed to the public. Being able to identify the high-risk patients is also more efficient.

Non-degree seeking students are not eligible. What is the market and its size? More information will be sent to those teams as we get closer. Like all hospital administrators, Campo wrestles with the costs of CHF — human and financial — every day.

Each individual should only appear on ONE submission. It has been very successful for us and reduced readmission of heart failure patients by 60 percent. Once you are logged in, please click on "create a new submission" by selecting your track: Competition and competitive advantage.

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This is where the student team steps in. Contact Us How It Works 1. Click "Submit" If you encounter any problems or have any questions, please email us at mbsentrepreneurship miami.

The algorithm is still in the earliest development stage — the students won the prize for their originality and analysis in their business plan, not a finished product — and much work lies ahead.

Students may enter as individuals or teams, but each individual may only be involved with one plan.

Business Plan Competition

They are completing the M. Choose from "All Conferences"- Canes Challenge To simplify their efforts, however, the team members realized that they needed to focus initially on a single disease. More information to follow soon. You may also just create a new account with a different email address.

Once the beta version is proven, the basic framework can be adopted by other hospitals using their own data. Please use the following link to submit your concept paper: All concept papers will be screened and judged.

Graduate Programs in Public Health

Taldone noted that assignments in their M. Trainers come in to teach patients about their conditions and how to avoid readmissions.

These workshops are open to all undergraduate and graduate students participating in the Business Plan competition. Please contact the Office of Financial Assistance Services for more detailed information. Who will buy it target market and why?

Hopefully we will take the idea to market. Therefore, it is important that the concept synopsis contain as much helpful and relevant information as possible, within the three page limit, to allow for a thorough evaluation of the concept. Click on "Registration" and create a new account with your personal information, then click "Register".The 15th Annual University of Miami Business Plan Competition, hosted by the School of Business Administration, encourages entrepreneurship among students throughout the University of Miami.

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A private research university with more than 16, students from around the world, the University of Miami is a vibrant and diverse academic community focused on teaching and learning, the discovery of new knowledge, and service to. Four of the Miller School’s M.D./M.B.A.

students, in partnership with an M.B.A. student from the School of Business Administration, won the Grand Prize and a check for $10, in the Graduate Student Category of the University of.

A pair of Miller School students took home the Grand Prize in the Graduate/Alumni Track — and a check for $10, — in the University of Miami Business Plan Competition, sponsored by the UM Business School. Founded inMiami University is an original Public Ivy located in the quintessential college town of Oxford, Ohio, with a focus on undergraduate teaching.

Kellogg Company CEO kicks off Lecture Series on August August 10, School News.

University of miami business plan competition
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