Write an inequality relating wz and wa

How do I represent situations with more than one solution? What are the guiding questions for this lesson? This is a CRISS strategy that activates background knowledge, focuses students on the specific skills you want them to grasp in the lesson and will help you identify misconceptions before beginning the lesson.

Pose the following situation to students you may want to post it under the document camera: Have a basic understanding of percent. Students with a strong grasp of the concept can make their own pattern puzzles which can be used as review and reinforcement in future lessons.

As part of the summative assessment, student will have an opportunity to revise their work and the teacher will confirm the correct answers. The Pattern Puzzle Writing Inequalities activity needs to be copied and cut prior to the lesson. Students who grasp this concept quickly can write their own situations that could be represented with inequalities.

Display the Anticipation Guide again.

Writing Inequalities to Represent Situations

Guide students through writing an inequality for each situation. Students should be able to describe the similarities and differences between conditions such x equals five, x is greater than or equal to five and x is less than five.

Students should raise their hand when they are finished.

Write an inequality relating to the given angle measures:?

For pairs that are struggling, ask them to name numbers that would satisfy a given situation. See numbers 2 through 3 in the "Teaching Phase. If you do not have tables, have students complete on the floor. With their table partner, student will discuss what percent they need to have an "A.

Each student should write one or more sentences for each statement explaining why they agree or disagree with the statement. Write an "A" next to the numbers they agree with and b.

Students will reflect on the Anticipation guide. Eventually all strips should be used the strips should end up in one long horizontal line. Have several students share their answer and explain the reasoning for their choice. Have students discuss each situation with their table partner.

You are likely to get statements like "90 or above. How will the teacher assist students in organizing the knowledge gained in the lesson? Have students write an inequality to represent her percent.Write an inequality in the variable x for the degree measure of the smallest angle of the triangle shown in the figure, given that the degree measure of the smallest angle is at most 30°.

x (x 8) 30 SOLVING INEQUALITIES AND APPLICATIONS To solve equations, we write a sequence of equivalent equations that ends in a very. Answer to Write an inequality relating WZ and WA A.

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WZ > WA B. WZ ≥ WA C. WZ. write your answer as an inequality thanks! 1/9/ | Maddie from Bellevue, WA. Subscribe. Comment. 1 Answer by Expert Tutors. Tutors, Why You Should Choose Me as Your Child's Tutor How is graphing a linear inequality similar to graphing a linear equation?

Algebraic Math Help With Inequalities5/5. Jan 27,  · I'm asked to write an inequality relating the given pair of segment measures, and the pair I'm given is AB and BK.

write your answer as an inequality thanks!

Sorry it's kind of hard to imagine, but it might help to draw a picture. ⌂Home; Mail How do you write inequalities involving 2 triangles? What do i write in an email asking permission to use pictures in my thesis?Status: Resolved. write the inequality a cell phone company advertises cut-rate phone service for $ a month plus a $ per call.

if your budget allows you to spend at most $ on phone service a month, what is the maximum number of. Graph Inequalities.

Write an inequality for a given sentence. Graph each inequality on a number line. State whether the inequality is true or false for the given value. STUDY. PLAY. Write an inequality for the given sentence. Applicants with less than 5 years of experience must take a test.

Write an inequality relating wz and wa
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